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The Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage Society works to collect, preserve, and display the heritage of our community.

Grand Falls House October 1958

Grand Falls House October 1958




On 18 October, the Grand Falls-Windsor Heritage Society made a presentation to the Economic Development, Tourism, and Heritage Committee of the Council of the Town of Grand Falls-Windsor. The presentation represented the society’s considered response to the Grand Falls House consultants’ report of 2015.

The GFWHS outlined a proposal for the site of Grand Falls House as an integrated heritage park, which could be called “Northcliffe Heritage Park” after the founder of the town and the builder of the mill.

The park would include the birch grove and Grand Falls House itself as a designated heritage property for guided tours and as a unique venue for numerous other public and private events. The house would be supported by a nearby interpretation centre, which would also become the new permanent home of the GFWHS. The interpretation centre would host displays and interpretive events related to the house, the mill, and the town itself. The centre would be open to the public year-round with a full program of heritage activities. The society identified the Mill Manager’s House as a probable candidate for this adaptive re-use, although there are other possibilities.

The GFWHS feels that this concept of “Northcliffe Heritage Park” will help to foreground and celebrate our unique heritage as Newfoundland’s first modern industrial town.

We thank the Council for the opportunity to make our case heard. We feel that our proposal received a full and attentive hearing from our councillors, and we thank them sincerely for that. We look forward to working more closely with the Town and the Grand Falls House Foundation to make our dream of an integrated  heritage park at Grand Falls House a reality for our town—-not only for visitors, but especially for residents, and for our children, for generations to come.

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